May 2nd, 2013

Court dismisses Craigslist copyright claims against Padmapper and other companies

In Los Angeles a California federal judge dismissed the copyright claims against Padmapper and other companies on the basis of them not even having copyright to begin with.

Craigslist was claiming:

  1. That it retained copyright to postings made by its customers; and
  2. That taking these data points of cost and location constituted infringement.

Since its inception Craigslist has been known as one of the largest marketplaces on the web, yet one that doesn’t associate innovation with their brand name. Furthermore, the company has tried to “kill” any new startups that attempted to build on top of its listings in order to provide a better user experience. The most recent one, Padmapper, has also been reprimanded for creating a better way to browse and search all available apartments across various services, with a cool and visual experience. Essentially Padmapper served as a gateway to Craigslist listings and in the end Craigslist would have been the recipient of all benefits.

This is a small win for those of those that try to innovate but without a doubt the road ahead is still long enough.

Here are some thoughts on this from Forbes with a full article here.

Going forward, innovators will likely find ways to aggregate and utilize the data without violating the terms of service. The ruling today may have cleared the way for innovators going forward, and hopefully put an end to bad faith and baseless legal threats by Craigslist against competitors. (To be clear, I am not taking a stance on the legality or ethics of scraping from Craigslist, merely observing on the use of a false copyright claim).

February 24th, 2013

Now on the AppStore: New version of Grabio with geo-fencing technology

We launched this weekend a new version of Grabio on the AppStore.  The update that deserves most attention is the new redesigned Wish List that leverages Geo-fencing technology.

First you’ll notice that we’ve added a simple yet clean new look and added the option of selecting a price range for the Wish you enter. This will help refine the quality of results we push to you.

A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a particular geographic area. The geo-fence could be dynamically generated—as in a radius around a store or point location.

Wish List Geo Fencing alert


The new Geo-fencing or proximity search is a pilot feature, but essentially it works like this:

1. Enter a Wish in the Wish List screen
2. Select a Price Range
3. If you approach a local store where we setup a virtual fence, the app does a search and matches your “wish” against their inventory.
4. If available, you get a notification and you can just walk in and buy it.
5. Go have a drink after…

By using geo-fencing technology, Grabio sets up virtual fences around brick-and-mortar stores to introduce you – our users – to the concept of having products or services pushed to you, based on your preference, to your location!

Example use case: via the Wish List, you indicate that you want an iPad with a price between $250-$400. Then you may close the app and never have to worry about it. As you move around the city and enter  the  virtual fence around a particular store that sells iPads, we run a quick search of your Wishes (i.e. iPad) against the store inventory and if we find exactly what you’re looking for we will send you a real time notification and you can just walk in right then and buy the iPad from Best Buy for example.

Wish List Geo Fencing search results

As a side note, don’t forget that effective March 3rd, Best Buy will make their online price-matching policy permanent. So if you get a notification from Grabio that the nearby Best Buy has in stock what you’re looking for – you may head over there, check the price on Amazon for example and if applicable ask for price-matching.


November 22nd, 2012

Are you ready for Black Friday?

A few tips on how to use time efficiently and find great deals nearby tomorrow!

1. Before you head out or while staying in line – fire Grabio and check the best deals from Best Buy, Walmart, and doorbusters at Target! See below for example what I saw today while being close to the Target store nearby!

Target Black Friday Doorbusters


2. Populate the Wish List with things you’re looking for and you may be surprised as someone down the street may post that TV, MacBook or iPhone for sale that you want!

Wish List


3. Don’t feel like staying in line? Use Grabio to outsource the task or to avoid the hassle and save time.


 …and if you don’t have Grabio on your phone yet…

Download Grabio on the App Store


Happy Shopping!

- The Grabio Team

November 22nd, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the US!   The Pilgrims and Native Americans celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1632. It was the mutual exchange of goods and services that had originally brought the two cultures together, enabling the Pilgrims and Native Americans to forge a communal bond that lead to the first Thanksgiving. Trade between the two cultures, however, was fraught with challenges. In order to meet and exchange precious wares, the trading parties had to venture into unmapped wilderness where, under the whims of nature and beast, many never returned.
Today, with Grabio around to broadcast the location and availability of goods and services from the convenience of your smartphone, we created a strong, thriving, and friendly community that brings together local sellers and buyers.Next time when you launch Grabio to help lead you to the trading post this weekend, be thankful that you don’t have to fight through an unknown forest teaming with bores, snakes, and sharp shooters to get there!

The Grabio team is thankful that you are helping us make the world safe and convenient for commerce and wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

ps. For our friends abroad – we hope you find some time to connect with your family and friends as well and have a great upcoming week-end!

November 19th, 2012

SeedCon Fast-Pitch Entry, Chicago

See our entry to the  SeedCon fast-pitch competition in Chicago, organized in partnership with Built in Chicago. SeedCon gives six idea-stage start-ups the opportunity to pitch in front of top names in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Five will be chosen by SeedCon judges, and one will be the entry with the most “likes” on their video.

SeedCon Fast-Pitch Entry: Grabio

November 19th, 2012

Grabio at Tech Cocktail’s Start-up Showcase in Denver during Start-up Week!

On October 25, Grabio was one of the 10 startups to showcase during the Tech Cocktail  Mixer organized together with #BDNT during the Denver Startup Week.

Before the event, Tech Cocktail ran an article and a poll - who is Denver’s Hottest Showcasing Startup?  in which Grabio ended up taking the third place.

We had a lot of fun and heard both a lot of positive comments about Grabio and also a few things we can improve on. Yet again, people raved about the possibilities Grabio offers and particularly the Wish List – having deals and listings being pushed to their fingertips rather than spending countless hours, sifting through spam and repeated listings on Craigslist.

It was great meeting so many new fans of technology and Grabio in particular here in the greater Denver area!

Thanks to Andrei at BDNT and Julia at Tech Cocktail.


November 19th, 2012

Sh*t Craigslist Users Never Say

Check out the latest Grabio production - What you’ll never find a craigslister saying or thinking!  We’re just trying to wake up the poor souls that have been blinded for over a decade now.

Some of our favorite line jewels are:

“Craig is the one of greatest innovators our time”

“Craigslist is like Apple – design is key!”

“Hang-on.. I’m downloading the Craigslist app!”

“Soliciting sex has always been awkward… can’t blame Craigslist for that!”

Can you come up with better lines? drop us your thoughts below.

November 19th, 2012

Grabio Demo at New Tech Boulder, September 2012


Following the Grabio demo at New Tech Denver in August, thanks to Andrei (@andreitr) and Robert at #BDNT, we went on and demo-ed Grabio in front of a great crowd at the tech meetup in Boulder at the end of September.

People were very receptive to the idea and need of a safe and transparent alternative to Craiglist and everyone liked Grabio’s ease of use, simplicity and overwhelmingly the fact that one does not have to use the app on a daily basis, but rather leverage the Wish List feature to set alerts for things one wants, and have Grabio send a real-time push notification when it finds the requested goods/services.

When Robert asked the audience at the end of the presentation – “how many people would use the app?” 90%+ raised their hands, when Robert asked “how many people would use the Wish List?”, 75%+ answered positively.

Follow the link to see the demo in Boulder.

Let us know via comments below what you think of the presentation overall. Thanks!

July 26th, 2012


Grabio’s favorite word of the week is “transparency”, the state of being transparent. This is a key issue along with other unprecedented amount of consequences that people encounter on a daily basis when using third party’s to buy or sell items. Transparency is something the Grabio team takes very seriously since we encourage users to buy and sell items directly through our application. Unlike other companies, the Grabio team does take the extra step to ensure transparency by providing a “background” on buyers and sellers alike. In other words, our social-profile integration combined with user ratings provides an excellent opportunity for a person to decide with who they would like to do business with. Therefore, making a business deal with transparency can be easily accomplished through three easy steps.

  1. Use a third party company that initially cares about their customers and takes the necessary steps to protect transparency.
  2. Making a business deal with friends or locals is always safer and more efficient.
  3. Know who you are doing business with before meeting or making a deal.

These are the reasons why we are launching a web series of videos to illustrate some of the experiences people have on Craigslist. Grabio was created to address issues that consumers have encountered while using Craigslist: mobility, location-awareness, search efficiency, transparency and safety.


July 11th, 2012

$5 Challenge

If you haven’t heard about Grabio’s $5 promise, then you will regret not hearing about it. It is the quickest way on the block to make some quick cash!

Your probably wondering is this even worth doing? What am I going to do with $5? Well, if you are currently a college student you know what $5 can accomplish on a Thursday night out. Lets say you are a parent, $5 can support the purchase of a couple roses for your significant other. There are endless possibilities as to what $5 can do for you, it all depends on the type of person you are. However, now your probably questioning why we are doing this, or perhaps should I say “giving out free money”?

We don’t see it that way, the Grabio team is utterly positive that your listing will sell. Yes, that is a challenge. All you have to do is post a listing, and if it does not sell within 30 days then $5 will be deposited into your bank account. Its a quick and easy way to make a couple dollars if your listing does not sell, but we are positive it will! On a side note, I made a listing myself, better hope it sells Grabio team or that $5 will be mine.

Check the guarantee terms and conditions here.

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